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Top 5 Most played Android Games in Nepal

Android games are getting popular day by day in IT world. People love playing the android game because of its addictiveness and portal. Likewise, the android game is extremely easy to play and can be suited to any types of gamers.

Clash of Clans
COC or Clash of Clans is an online game featuring strategy gameplay. It is popular within the whole world and is extremely addictive game. In Nepal also COC is extremely popular among users. Here, the player needs to upgrade his/her base (area) and raid over other town halls or villages. Likewise, the most popular part of the game is a player can create their own clan castle where he/she can add other multiple players and participate in the war with other clans.

Doodle army 2: Mini Militia
One of the most popular multiplayer game in Android, the Mini militia is a fan favorite and popular among Nepalese users. While playing online mode of it, consumption of data is quite less. Likewise, memory space of this game is also less that makes user get addictive completely with this game.

Candy Crush Saga
Candy crush saga is a puzzle game with multiple stages on it where the player needs to crush every candy with similar colors or types. The game is quite enjoyable and simple to play. The game is loved by every type of users as it is quite simple and easy. Likewise, the graphics of the game is simple and memory allocation is also less.

Dream League soccer 2017
Dream League soccer 2017 is a sports franchise game. Especially people loving football loves to play this game. Cool graphics, updated clubs, and players, great gameplay makes this game one of the most popular games within Nepalese users. Transfer of players, creating own clubs and players are unique features of this game. Every year it is updated with a change in the real football world.

Temple Run 2
One of the most addictive game in the android world, temple run 2 is all about earning points and achievements. The game gets difficult with the increase in level and gets more fun and attractive. It is an update of ‘Temple Run’ with new unique characters, adventures, and levels. It can be played by any type of users and is quite easy.

Management Colleges In Nepal

In the present context of Nepal, trade and business is the growing sector. People are now involved in marketing and business to make career and reputation. So, seeing the ultimate success in the field of management, students in present situation are studying more in business and management faculty. Management studies focuses people to have board knowledge about business and its management. It teaches how organization works, how can they be managed and prosper and how they can be interacted with the people from local, national to international.

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MBBS College in Nepal

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. One of the toughest and popular subjects as compared to other subject like engineering, IT and so on. MBBS holds two degree which is good. MBBS is an undergraduate program in medical field, so student must pass +2 in sciences. Student  work really hard to get this degree .The duration of MBBS is about  5.5-6 years  with additional 1 year internship  program .If you have patience and compassion with interest to help people ,MBBS  is for you.

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Top colleges in Nepal

Students are the hope of the country as they are the source for development of family and their family status. As their school level finish i.e. S.L.C in Nepal they start to search for best colleges which provide their interested subject with proper facilities and scholarships to the deserving students. After SLC there comes +2 level where student can choose any faculty as Science, A-level, Management and Humanities in Nepal. So, that they can be able to be professional in particular field they are interested. After completion of +2 level (intermediate level) which is of two years based on HSEB (there are other colleges as well that are affiliated with Indian board called CBSE). Continue reading “Top colleges in Nepal”

Engineering College in Nepal

Engineering In Nepal

Engineering is one of the important field in context of Nepal and whole world. As we all live in such a competitive world that we must do something great to be successful and recognized. To be successful we must have a degree because wherever we go for job we are asked for our education and experience. To talk in context of Nepal we must study according to the scope of particular field. So, among all of them engineering is given more priority in Nepal as Nepal is underdeveloped country. So, engineers are paid more than other. So must of the Nepalese student prefer to do engineering. After completing intermediate level i.e. +2 students start to choose the best colleges for engineering for better education facilities so that their degree will be given priority in Nepal as well world.

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IT Colleges in Nepal

Information Technology/IT in Nepal

If you have interest to study computer but you are weak in science you can still complete your bachelor’s in computer field by doing bachelor in IT. Information Technology is gaining popularity so many of the students after completing their +2 level they choose a path of information technology in Nepal. Generally, Information technology is the broad subject concerned with all aspects of managing and processing information. IT includes all layers of all systems of computers within an organization from the physical hardware to the applications, storage, operating systems, and more. Continue reading “IT Colleges in Nepal”