IT Colleges in Nepal

Information Technology/IT in Nepal

If you have interest to study computer but you are weak in science you can still complete your bachelor’s in computer field by doing bachelor in IT. Information Technology is gaining popularity so many of the students after completing their +2 level they choose a path of information technology in Nepal. Generally, Information technology is the broad subject concerned with all aspects of managing and processing information. IT includes all layers of all systems of computers within an organization from the physical hardware to the applications, storage, operating systems, and more.

On the basis of voting, job placement rate, infrastructures, facilities, student acceptance rate, partnership, the ranking of the colleges are as follow:

  1. Institute of Engineering- Tribhuvan University

  2. School of Engineering- Kathmandu University

  3. Nepal Engineering College

  4. Khwopa Engineering College

  5. Deerwalk institute of Technology

  6. Advanced college of Engineering and Management

  7. Kathmandu Engineering College

  8. Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences

  9. Nepal  College of Information technology

  10. Xavier’s College

  11. Aryan School of Engineering

  12. Kantipur City College

  13. KIST

  14. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management

  15. College of Information Technology and Engineering

  16. Islington College

  17. NCCS Collegeof IT and Management

  18. Amrit Science Campus

  19. Pokhara Engineering College

  20. Kantipur Engineering College

  21. Himalayan College of Engineering

  22. New Summit College

  23. Patan Multiple Campus

  24. Nagarjuna College of IT

  25. Himalayan WhiteHouse International College

IT graduates has many work opportunity in Nepal as well in world. Every organization whether it is medical, governmental, military, industries, traffic, etc needs IT specialist. IT graduates can work as:

  1. Software Engineer

  2. System analyst

  3. Technical support

  4. Network Engineer

  5. Business analyst

  6. Technical Sales

  7. Technical consultant

  8. Web developer

  9. Software tester

  10. Project manager

After graduating with an IT degree you will be able to work with many organization with specific salaries in Nepal.


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