Engineering College in Nepal

Engineering In Nepal

Engineering is one of the important field in context of Nepal and whole world. As we all live in such a competitive world that we must do something great to be successful and recognized. To be successful we must have a degree because wherever we go for job we are asked for our education and experience. To talk in context of Nepal we must study according to the scope of particular field. So, among all of them engineering is given more priority in Nepal as Nepal is underdeveloped country. So, engineers are paid more than other. So must of the Nepalese student prefer to do engineering. After completing intermediate level i.e. +2 students start to choose the best colleges for engineering for better education facilities so that their degree will be given priority in Nepal as well world.

There are many colleges like private and government were students can do engineering in Nepal which are affiliated with Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, etc.

Among all the colleges there are some colleges which are categorized as best engineering colleges in Nepal and outcomes from them are recognized.

  1. Institute of Engineering(IOE)/Pulchowk Campus:

  Institute of Engineering  Pulchowk Campus was founded in 1930. It is the first technical school of Nepal. It was reformed as an organ of Tribhuvan University in 1872. Pulchowk campus runs professional diplomas, undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programs. It provides degree programs in electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, industrial engineering, architecture, Bio-medical engineering, electronics and communication engineering for bachelors and masters in mechanical engineering.

     2.   School of Engineering, Kathmandu University:


kathmandu University

School of engineering, Kathmandu university is a non-government, public  college which is a third oldest university located in Dulikhel, kavrepalanchowk. It provides bachelor degree  programs in chemical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, Geomatics engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering and for masters degree mechanical engineering and computer engineering.

     3. Paschimanchal Engineering Campus(WRC):

Paschimanchal Engineering College

    Paschimanchal Engineering Campus is the second largest engineering campus after pulchowk campus in Nepal. It was established in 1987. The engineering courses for bachelor’s degree providing by this college are auto-mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, Geomatics engineering, electronic and computer engineering.

       4. School of Engineering, Pokhara University:

                 School of Engineering  Pokhara University was established in 1996 Nepal and is the largest engineering college. And this college is currently providing bachelor’s in civil and rural engineering, software engineering, computer engineering,   bachelor’s in transportation engineering, electrical engineering.

         5.  Nepal Engineering College:

Nepal Engineering College

                                                                Nepal Engineering College was established in 1994. This college is the first private engineering college of Nepal and is the largest engineering college in Nepal. This college is affiliated to Pokhara University.

        6. Pokhara Engineering College:


Pokhara Engineering College

    Pokhara  engineering college established in 1999. Since then  it is developing career of students. Its diploma programs runs under the affiliation of CTEVT and its Bachelor’s in Engineering and Master’s under the affiliation of Pokhara University.

Along all this colleges there are many colleges affiliated with many foreign college where many of the students are doing engineering.                               


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